Sustainable Transport refers to any means of transport with low impact on the environment, and includes walking and cycling, transit oriented development, low emission vehicles, car sharing and building or protecting appropriate urban transport systems.



John Elliott Consultancy (JEC) in association with Transport and Traffic Consultancy (T &TC) is here to provide advice and assistance on a range of independent consultancy services in Transport, Planning, Traffic and Parking, with a particular emphasis on Sustainable Transport to a wide range of customers.

JEC was formed by John Elliott in 2002 to provide a high quality and reliable service to a wide range of businesses and individuals alike throughout London, the South East and across the UK. Since 2012 JEC has worked closely with Chris Veasey of T &TC on a vast number of projects.

John have known each other for several decades and have worked closely with each other for public and private sector employers. Our skill levels are very similar, overlapping and complementary. He provides an unrivalled service with:

  • Experience and Expertise delivered directly by ourselves (or colleagues with specialised experience) to our customers by very senior professionals
  • Full Understanding of our clients’ and all likely stakeholders’ needs from our broad range of past employers and roles
  • A Reliable, Responsive and Cost-Effective service with minimal overheads and the ability to identify key issues without making jobs bigger than necessary

A brief outline of the range of experience and skills of John Elliott can be found here.


A range of projects that we have completed for employers or clients is included here

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If you would like to know more about the range of services provided or have a specific project please do not hesitate to contact us directly on:

  • John on +44 7810 204400

Mobile is also available on Whatsapp